Beone Artists: NoizeFaktor


Billed as showmen and solidifying themselves as a generator of vibes, hotly anticipated NoizeFaktor have established themselves as an up-and-coming Asian DJ/Producer duo. The pair have been creating a lot of ‘noise’ for themselves from local to the international scene.

They kicked off 2014 with their own music selection that served as a checklist to rock any club or festival. Exciting times ahead for the pair, with plenty of dates across the country.

NoizeFaktor is not defined by any genre. Each set or performance is determined by you, the dancer. Free from pre-determined arrangements or promoter’s request, they draw on experience and play to the BPMs.

They have carved a reputation as a high tempo and super energetic duo.

Keep your ears peeled for more unique sounds to come as NoizeFaktor continues their assault on the global music scene in 2015.